The Mayon Volcano Eruption of 2065 was the deadliest and costliest Philippine volcanic disaster in history. It caused 10,532 deaths along with 102 billion PHP in damage. All who survived told this story to the world, and the Phillippines, mainly Albay, were given support from around the world. Mayon Volcano will be a volcano that made a tragedy never to be forgetten be made.
Mayon 0052.

Mayon Volcano at the peak of its eruption on July 30, 2065.


The eruption started on 6:34 PM on July 8, 2065. While a typhoon, Janice, was hitting the Visayas and Luzon regions, Mayon Volcano erupted soon as it reached its peak. Lava destroyed billions of homes 100 miles from the center. Lahars killed people that were nearby. The eruption reached its peak at 9:47 AM, on the morning of July 30, 2065. At the time, the Cagawa bell tower was demolished, 33% of Albay's population were dead, Lava reached as far as 200 miles, and smoke, ashes and others polluted the air. For 10 months, Albay and nearby areas were abanonded like a ghost town, deemed unsafe, and removed from the map of the Philippines. The eruptions lasted for 5 months before ending on December 3, 2065. At the time it ended, 99.9% of Albay's population were dead, Albay was almost eradicated, and all homes were molten and demolished.