The 2031 Lincoln, England Earthquake was a magnitude 4.7 earthquake that shaked the ground of Lincoln and other neighboring villages. There was 2 aftershocks; 1 aftershock was magnitude 1.7, and the other aftershock was magnitude 0.9. The damage to this earthquake costed £231,000.

The earthquake

At 23:06PM BST on 8th December 2031, the ground started to shake. The ground shaked for 12 seconds, and 2 people were injured. 1 person was injured whilst outside their house, and this person suffered a broken neck. The other person was injured because of a small tree falling onto them. This person suffered a broken spine. 1 house was severely damaged during the quake, and 3 other houses were minimally damaged during the quake. 5 trees were also uprooted during the quake, and even, a car was flying during the quake. After the big earthquake, 2 aftershocks occured; 1 aftershock rating magnitude 1.7, and the other aftershock rating magnitude 0.9. These aftershocks were definitely not as crazy as the first quake.