The 2025 Honduras earthquake was a deadly disaster that occured on November 14, 2025. It was the second deadliest disaster in Honduras, behind Hurricane Mitch with 88,000 dead and over 500,000 injured. Part of Guamatela was also affected by the earthquake, hitting areas affected by Hurricane Stan 20 years earlier.

Hurricane Mitch 1998 oct 26 2028Z

Hurricane Willis at the time the earthquake had happened.

Before the earthquake

Before, Honduras was already hit by Hurricane Era and Hurricane Martha and Guamatela was already hit by Category 5 Hurricane Ralph, all in 2025. All hurricanes caused over 100 million dollars USD$ in damage and caused over 200 deaths. Things got worse when both were then hit on 9:40 AM on November 17, 2025, when Category 3 Hurricane Willis was causing havoc in Honduras and Nicaragua. It made landfall the exact same time the earthquake started.

During the earthquake

When Hurricane Willis as a category 3 hit Nicaragua and Honduras, an earthquake had started with a magnitude of 8.0. Combining the earthquake and Willis altogether, Honduras was deemed unhabitable until two months later. Nicaragua on the other hand, had 45% of its buildings destroyed and 55% of its buildings were damaged. Combined, the earthquake and Willis caused 3 billion USD$ in damage.

After that, Willis was a category 1 when it hit Guamatela on November 19. The storm caused minimal damage and dissiapted over Mexico on November 22, but not before leaving over 80,000 people dead and over 500,000 injured in its wake.


Two months later, Honduras had begun repairs on its buildings and it was deemed inhabitable again. Guamatela and Nicaragua had quickly recovered, and prepared safety measurements in case an earthquake and a hurricane hit at the same time.

By the end of March, Honduras had fully recovered. Guamatela, Honduras and Nicaragua had voted on Willis to be retired. The name Willis was then retired in the spring of 2026, and will be replaced by Warren for 2031.